Shakespeare Electronic Products Group-European Operations

Marine rule the waves


Improving on its acclaimed Galaxy® style marine VHF antennas, Shakepeare has introduced an Extended Performance (XP) line, giving boaters extra-reliable communications.


The 5225-XP and 5400-XP antennas feature new, silver-plated, brass and copper elements to provide extraordinary product life, range and efficiency.  The antennas have an extra-tough, fibreglass radome that resists strong winds and high boat speeds, making them perfect for radar arches, T-tops and hard tops.


A stainless steel ferrule with standard 1"-14 thread, 6m (20') RG-8/X low-loss cable and a PL-259 connector are also included.  Each Galaxy antenna is constructed with hand-soldered connections.  The 5225-XP is collinear-phased with 5/8 wave elements, and the 5400-XP is a center-fed, 1/2-wave, coaxial sleeve design.  The attractive, high-gloss finish will please any boater.


The Galaxy 5225-XP 6dB VHF antenna measures 2.4m (8').  When mounted on elevated locations, the 1.2m (4') 5400-XP 3dB antenna provides communication distances normally associated with taller units.


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