Shakespeare Electronic Products Group-European Operations

Marine rule the waves


Recognising that high-quality coaxial cable fittings are necessary in the marine environment, Shakespeare has introduced a new line of gold-plated cable connectors and adapters that ensure maximum performance.


Gold plated fittings exhibit superior conductivity and are less vulnerable to corrosion in the marine environment.  This means lower signal loss than conventional, nickel-plated connectors and adapters.


The new adapter line includes gold-plated barrel and right-angle connectors for PL-259-ended cables, as well as TNC, Type N and BNC adapters.  The new connector line includes a variety of gold-plated products that fit RG-58, RG-58U, RG-8AU, RG-8X, RG-213, RG-59, RG-6 coax and Shakespeare's exclusive Lo-Max cable. 


Also included in the new line of gold-plated connectors are Shakespeare's exclusive Centerpin connectors.  These solderless, easy-to-install fittings are available in PL-259 and PL-258 versions to fit RG-58/AU and RG-8X coax, as well as the company's Lo-Max coaxial cable.


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