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FAQ - CB Marine Antennas

Can I cut the cable on my CB antenna?

A: Generally NO! On all Shakespeare Galaxy® CB antennas and all but one Shakespeare Classic CB antennas, the coax is part of an electronically "tuned" system and should NOT be cut or altered. Changing the length of the cable on one of these antennas will destroy the antenna - damage that cannot be repaired. You cannot simply splice the cable back together and restore the correct performance. 

Two Shakespeare CB antennas are specially built to allow trimming the coax: the Galaxy® Style 5223-XT and the Shakespeare Classic Style 5207. 
Note that this answer applies to CB Marine Band antennas - VHF antenna coax is not part of a tuned system, and can be trimmed. 

Reasonable lengths of excess cable can be rolled in a coil of at least 8 inch diameter and stowed in an out-of-the-way place.

Can I take the Marine CB antenna's PL-259 connector off to feed the coax through a hole?

A: No, this will change the tuning of the antenna - and also voids the warranty. 

If coax needs to be passed through a bulkhead, you can add additional coax, which can be cut or altered, with a bulkhead mountable barrel connector that passes through the hole. 
Reasonable lengths of excess cable can be rolled in a coil of at least 8 inch diameter and stowed in an out-of-the-way place.

Can I tune the CB Marine antenna?

A: Most Shakespeare CB Marine Band antennas are pretuned at the factory and do not need any additional tuning. Shakespeare's Galaxy® Style 5223-XT and the Classic Style 5207 can be retuned after the coax has been cut. Instructions for doing so are packed with the antennas.

See the installation support section for links to the antennas' instruction sheets.

Why does my antenna system have a high SWR?

A: There can be quite a number of reasons for this. The most usual reasons are coax having been cut or altered, coax running through conduit, antennas located near metal objects, or people standing too close to the antenna while SWR readings are being taken.

Do I need a ground plane for my CB Marine Band antenna?

A: No, all Shakespeare CB Marine Band antennas have independent ground planes built into them.

Which way should the radials for the Style 318-GBT Pogo Stick point?

A: The radials can point either up or down. Neither direction will affect the performance of the antenna.

Do I need to cut the Marine CB antenna's coax in wavelengths?

A: No. Shakespeare's CB antennas do not require this type of tuning.

Also see the question regarding altering cable length.

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