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FAQ - Marine Cellular Antennas

What type of connector is used on the Motorola bag phone?

A: This connector is known as a Mini PL-259 connector or Mini UHF connector. It is currently available only for RG-58 coax.

How many feet of coax can I use with the cellular antenna?

A: The only limit is practicality. However, remember that at the frequencies of Cellular communication, great line loss will be encountered with long coax runs.

For best performance, keep the coax short and be sure it is the best grade possible.

Shakespeare's Lo-Max® extra low-loss coax cable is specifically designed for cellular antenna installations.

How can I check the cellular antenna to make sure it is good?

A: Unfortunately, there is no sure test. The best suggestion is: if the signal strength meter on the phone is low or shows no signal, there could be a problem.

Connect the phone to the antenna in a known-good reception area, and check that the antenna is working.

Why do I get better cellular reception with my pigtail antenna?

A: It might be the location of the antenna. Try mounting the antenna as high as possible or shortening the coax.

Will other objects close to the antenna affect its performance?

A: Yes they will. It is best to locate the antenna at least three feet away from any metal objects or other antennas.

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