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FAQ - Phase III Series Antennas

Are all of the antennas foam-filled?

A: Yes.

Do all of the antennas have silver-plated elements?

A: No. The VHF, SSB and cellular antennas have silver-plated elements.

How can I mount my new Phase III antenna?

A: All Phase III antennas have a standard 1in-14 thread bases that will work with standard marine mounts. The antennas have the added bonus of being mast mount ready with appropriate U-bolts or strapping.

What coax should I use with my new Phase III antenna?

A: Any 50 ohm coax may be used with the antenna (except AM/FM and SSB) as long as it is sized appropriately for the cable run needed.

How do I clean my new Phase III antenna?

A: A mild detergent or soap and water may be used to clean the antenna. The use of abrasives or cleaners that contain any solvents should be avoided.

Can I use a smaller ferrule for the base of my antenna?

A: Yes you can! Shakespeare offers a replacement ferrule that is a fraction of the size of the ferrule included with the antenna. The style number is 6006.

What is the warranty on Phase III antennas and how is it tracked?

A: Each antenna has a serial number associated with it for tracking purposes. You should write the serial number in the section provided on the instruction sheet and retain it for your records. The antenna has a five-year limited warranty (PDF).

Do I need to tune my antenna?

A: No, this is not necessary as these antennas are pre-tuned at our factory for maximum performance and efficiency.

Can I paint my Phase III antenna?

A: Not in its current state. All Phase III antennas have a special aircraft grade finish and gloss coating that protects the finish. The surface would have to undergo special preparation for any paint or coating, and this is not recommended.

What does foam filling do for my antenna?

A: Filling the antenna with foam helps protect the internal elements from moisture, damage and vibration.

Why is silver plating the antenna element good?

A: There are two main reasons to silver plate an antenna element. First, silver is a much better conductor than brass or copper alone. Second, over time, as the silver surface oxidizes it becomes silver oxide, which is a better conductor than the oxides that form on un-plated brass and copper.

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