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Marine rule the waves


The Shakespeare Galaxy-XP series of marine VHF antennas is the result of a significant enhancement to the NMEA Award-winning Shakespeare Galaxy 5225-XT and the 5400-XT VHF antennas.  And the addition of the precious metal, Silver, isn't just for status or looks.  Silver extends the life and increases the performance of these workhorse Shakespeare antennas even more. 


The new XP series features silver-plating of the brass outer elements and brass choking sleeve around the copper inner conductor.  This provides less internal resistance and better current flow, resulting in much longer service life, greater range and more reliability.


The 5225-XP is a 2.4m (8'), 6dB gain VHF antenna, constructed with collinear-phased 5/8-wave elements.  The 5400-XP is the smaller version, at 1.2m (4') long with 3dB gain.  It features a center-fed, 1/2-wave, coaxial sleeve design. 


Both are made of copper and silver-plated brass, for extended efficiency, range and longevity.  Connections are hand-soldered.  Inside, the ultra-efficient, silver-plated brass choking sleeve suppresses cable radiation for maximum on-air signal strength.


Although silver does slowly corrode, the resulting silver oxide continues to conduct radio frequency much more efficiently than the oxides which form on brass or copper elements.  New or old, unblemished or slightly oxidized, the Shakespeare Galaxy 5225-XP and 5400-XP prove reliable for maximum range and signal strength, long-lasting beauty, and extended performance.


Both Galaxy-XP VHF antennas sport a polyurethane high-gloss finish and come with a mirror-finish stainless steel ferrule with standard 1"-14 thread, 6m (20') of RG-8/X low-loss cable and a PL-259 connector.  A 5-year warranty applies.


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