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Style HA156C

0.15m (0.5ft) V-Tronix™ Heliflex VHF Stub Antenna

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  • This popular V-Tronix™ masthead antenna is perfect for race boats or for sailors who want an antenna with the lowest possible windage. The Heliflex performed very well in an independent test conducted by “Sailing Today” – and their conclusion was: “...It actually performed very well and almost managed to hold its own against the other whip antennas”. This antenna is frequently specified for original equipment by leading sail boat makers and it is presented in an attractive blister pack.

    Matches the HA156C-AIS version

                                                                HA 156Cpck.png


    • Ultra lightweight Helical VHF Antenna
    • Low windage for race yachts
    • Unobtrusive
    • Integral aluminium masthead fitting
    • 20m (66')of RG-58 cable with PL-259 plug
    • Does not require ground plane
    • Retail Blister packed
    • For sailing boats and RIBs
    • New design

    Download the (PDF)  Instruction Sheet for the HA156C

    For Technical Information (E-Mail): Technical Support

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  • For Technical Information (E-Mail): Technical Support

    Download the (PDF)  Instruction Sheet for the HA156C

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