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Style MD23N

V-Tronix™ VHF Marine Band Unity Gain

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  • This antenna has been designed to withstand the most rugged punishment. It is manufactured to the highest standards and quality - and all the vulnerable electrical parts are sealed in epoxy resin to resist water ingress.

    • Short helical VHF antenna
    • Low profile & unobtrusive
    • Lightweight, only 0.3 kg
    • Low windage
    • Does not require ground plane
    • Over-moulded helical
    • no bracket included
    • Fitted with integral 8217 'N' jack to allow detachable cable (matches MD23N-AIS version)
    • MD23 - This alternativeversion is fitted with 20m RG-58 cable and PL-259 plug (matches MD23-AIS version)
  • Frequency Range: 156 - 162 MHz

    Gain: 3 dBi

    V.S.W.R.: <1.5:1 @ resonance

    Length: 0.31 m

    Weight: 0.3 kg

    Sections: 1

    Max Input Power: 50

    DC Grounded: Reads 10K Ohms

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